Hankster's Hangout

It’s all because of you, don’t you know? If it wasn’t for you, our loyal followers, we wouldn’t be here. One day, over the kettles, one of the bright sparks in the kitchen came up with the idea of a ‘Hang Out’ for our fans. Made sense to us, so in between making batches of jam we’ve built this place – just for you.

Take your time and have a look around. Have you got a story or a recipe to share? Is your mission to be on the tasting team? Maybe you’re nurturing a cracker of a product idea. C’mon, we’re all ears!

SWISSotel and HANk's - perfect partnership

Swissotel Sydney, on Market Street, is the latest Hotel to become a fan of HANK'S. Serving our jams & chutneys in their restaurant, bar and In-room dining. ...READ MORE

HANK's LOVES jellyfish MANLY

What makes a dining establishment an institution?  When the locals flock to it day and night and call it a second home. Which is what you will find at Jellyfish in Manly, ...READ MORE

watch out for our new tomato Sauce

After much demand from Sydney's Executive Chefs, our jam makers have been busy creating the perfect Tomato Sauce...READ MORE


Send us your photo with a short description of the moment of enjoyment and go into the monthly draw to win a mixed carton of Hank’s products.