Chutneys and Relishes

Short on time but looking to add a real flavour boost to a meal? Hank’s Chutneys may well become your ‘secret weapon’! Packed with real spices and Australian produce, Hank’s chutneys are made to our original, authentic recipes which have been developed over time with care and love.

Next time the BBQ is fired up make sure there’s plenty of Hank’s Onion Marmalade on hand. You can spark up a sandwich with some of Hank’s Ploughman’s Chutney and even the simplest ‘wine-o’clock’ favourite cheddar and bikkies shines with a generous smear of spicy Hank’s Chilli Jam. For information on how to buy Hank's Products get in touch HERE.

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Hank’s Chutneys: For a tangy addition to your meal!

Chutneys have a very significant role in enhancing the taste and flavour of the meal. The history of chutneys’ lies way back to the old days. They are side flavouring relishes that have a complex identity. There are varieties of chutneys served throughout the country and these are liked by every single person. Though being a side dish, they provide additional flavours to the meal. You might find factory made chutneys all over the supermarket but they are not similar to that of Hank’s chutneys. With a true taste and the real spices, our chutneys have been able to bring the best additions to the meal. Also acting as spreads, it can be used in various ways.

How are chutneys made?

Chutneys have a very different texture and taste depending on the ingredients mixed in these. It is sometimes served as side dishes or sometimes as jams. They complement various meals in different ways. But the chutneys present in the markets have preservatives that make them different from the Gourmet chutney that are made in traditional style at every home. Not only the ingredients are confusing but they within themselves are a complex condiment. They can be smooth or chunky, sweet or tangy wherein they are sometimes served raw as a dip or as a side dish. Moreover, the actual meaning of chutney is not clear. It is derived from a Sanskrit word which means either “spicy”, or “lick” or “crushed”.

The traditional way of making it is by grinding fresh ingredients together to match their flavours that result as a condiment that all people are fond of. Fruits, mint, coriander, green chillies, tomatoes, ginger, garlic, etc. are the most common ingredients that are used in these relishes.

How do we contribute in this?

We, at Hank’s Food provide the best and worldwide famous chutneys and relishes which will help in accentuating the taste and flavours of your meal. Try our Hank’s Chutneys and relishes and we bet that you’ll use these as your secret condiments to complement your meals and impress others just by a lick of our product. Your taste is our priority. We have packed these relishes with real spices and Australian produce. The authenticated recipes of these gourmet chutneys have been developed over time with utter care and love. Our goal is to make these relishes best enough for our customers’ satisfaction. Our team always welcomes modifications until the flavours of our products are talked about vividly by everyone.

The company began by making Jams and now produces varieties of products worldwide like- Hank’s Chutneys and Relishes, Hank’s Marmalade, Hank’s Jam, Hank’s jelly, Hank’s Cheddar and chilli jams. We aim towards providing our customers with the best Handmade Chutneys that are authentic and made by traditional processes.

We grew by taste and word of mouth and we wish to grow this way in the future by providing mouth-watering food condiments every time while you feel like having something. 


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